Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of Australia


The Nesbitt / Nisbet Society of Australia was set up over a decade ago to bring together the large number of people bearing the family name of Nesbitt and Nisbet in Australia and New Zealand.  The society is dedicated to research, education and the dissemination of information about the ancient and modern history of bearers of the name Nesbitt / Nisbet and their relatives and descendants and on Scots history and culture bearing on those persons and their activities.

This web site is continually being expanded to support these activities.  Recently we have added an Online Library for members to provide them with easy access to many documents via the Internet.

"We all owe our existence to the resourcefulness and suffering of those who came before. The least we can do for them is acknowledge their existence and ensure their memory is not lost to future generations. By taking the trouble to find our forebears, we may also find ourselves. By taking pride in our forebears, we can take pride in who we are." — Dr. Ian T. Nisbet

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