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On Friday, 11-Aug-2017
John Nisbet - from AYR,SCOTLAND. wrote:
Greeting to all Nisbet/Nesbits. I am looking for any connections for William and David Rae Nisbet (brothers) who immigrated to South Africa circa 1900. The Nisbet family lived in Dumfries, Scotland. Thankyou.
On Sunday, 26-Jun-2016
ann donovan - from county durham england wrote:
i am searching for my brother kenneth ralph nesbitt that i have never seen he left the family in1940 and never returned he was in the royal navy and the rasc and on being demobbed in 1960 went on a voyage but we dont know were to he was born in kingston london in 1926 he had 3 brothers and 2 sisters all living in london but later years in the north of england i would love to find him as he also has a daughter who has never seen her father thank you a donovan nee nesbitt
On Tuesday, 07-Jun-2016
Deborah Browning nee Nesbit - from Bairnsdale Victoria wrote:
Hi to all nesbits and nisbets out there. I'm currently trying to locate my cousin Bruce Nesbit who I know lived in Queensland. Would appreciate any help. Many thanks
On Sunday, 05-Jun-2016
Deborah Browning nee Nesbit - from Bairnsdale Victoria wrote:
My father was Athur Bruce Nesbit. Dec. i am keen to rejoin with society heading to england scottlant to visit Nisbet house in october this year cant wait dad would have lved to come
On Tuesday, 12-Jan-2016
Jacques Nisbet - from South Africa wrote:
Nicely put together site. I am trying to trace the Nisbets' that moved to Rhodesia any assistance would be appreciated.
On Saturday, 26-Sep-2015
Leeanne Nisbet - from Melbourne wrote:
Hi I am Leeanne Nisbet,my father Robert Falconer Nisbet migrated from Blairgowrie Scotland and settled in Melbourne Australia his sister Eva followed him and settled here also.4 of his other sisters Kathleen,Sheena,Nora and Muriel migrated to New Zealand. His brother James settled in Canada. His other brother Tom and sister Anne stayed in Scotland. My father had 6 children including myself,my twin sister Roberta and brothers Craig,Grant,Scott and Robert.
I have been Fortunate to have a copy of my family tree so can trace all my ancestors.
Cheers Leeanne
Cheers Leeanne
On Thursday, 11-Jun-2015
Tom Nisbett - from Canada wrote:
Christine Nesbitt Retires: Congratulations Christine Nesbitt from all N/N's worldwide.
Christine Nesbitt (born 17 May 1985 in Melbourne, Australia) is a retired Canadian long track speed skater who currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. She won the gold medal in the 1000 metres event at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. She had previously won a silver medal in the team pursuit at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. She is also the 2011 sprint champion, 2012 1500 metres world champion, three-time world champion for 1000 metres (2009, 2011, 2012), and three-time world champion for team pursuit (2007, 2009, 2011). On June 4th 2015 she announced her retirement.
Nesbitt previously held the world record for 1000 metres, with a time of 1:12:68 recorded in Calgary on 28 January 2012. The time is still the current Canadian record.
Nesbitt was born to a Canadian father and an Australian mother in Melbourne, Australia.
On Saturday, 07-Feb-2015
Oliver Nesbitt - from Australia wrote:
I am the patriarch of 13 who bear the name Nesbitt, My parents were David James Mcneilly Nesbitt ( Belfast ) & Victoria Nesbitt ( nee Cross , Chester England ) I wish you all Greetings WE SHALL ENDURE. I BYD IT.
On Monday, 05-Jan-2015
James Nisbet - from Lancashire, England wrote:
I am doing my family tree and my uncle Alex who died in Victoria, Australia in 2006 had 3 children, Rhoderic, Fiona and Debbie. I have information on Roderick but would love to get details of his sisters, dates of birth, locations and family.
On Sunday, 31-Aug-2014
Ian G Nisbet - from Australia wrote:
Hi Jennifer

The following message was left on here in June 2007:
"On Sunday, 03-Jun-2007
Robin Bishop - from Tauranga, New Zealand wrote:
I am helping my friend Kevin Nisbet of Tauranga collate his family history. His great grandparents were George Scott Nisbet and Sophia Sanson who were married in Wellington New Zealand in 1880, his grandparents were George Scott Nisbet and Ellen Sparkes - any history previous to that would be so welcome on the nisbet, Sanson and Sparkes lines, I am told the Nisbet family emigrated from Kelso Scotland but I do not know when, do hope to hear from one of the many Nisbet families out there, what a wonderful site.
Robin Bishop"

I think there is a good chance that George Scott Nisbet is the youngest son of Edward and Jane[Blake] Nisbet, born 1851, Northumberland.

Edward and Jane were married c1837 at Kelso, Scotland. All their children except one were born in England.


Ian G Nisbet

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