Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of Australia
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On Friday, 21-Mar-2008
Leigh Nisbet - from Australia wrote:
Looking for descendants of John William Nisbet, his wife Nancy, and son John Butler Nisbet, who arrived in NZ on the ship Gainsborough in 1868
On Thursday, 28-Feb-2008
Rob Nisbet - from Canberra Australia wrote:
I just re-read my last entry and what I meant to say was that my Grandfather's last residence in Scotland was Dunfermline. He died in Australia.
On Thursday, 28-Feb-2008
Rob Nisbet - from Canberra Australia wrote:
I have spent a bit of time researching our family of late. Some of the information can be found at my genealogy site on but the interesting things I have found are that my Grandfather, John Nisbet who last resided in Dunfermline migrated to Australia in 1925 at the age of 21 on the SS Orama and after a short stint in Victoria moved to Sth Australia. His parents were Walter Nisbet and Wilhelmina M A Johnston. Walter's parents were Richard and Barbara. I am still trying to find birth registration for Walter, Richard and Barbara and also details of their parents. Most sites I have been to do not show them. They lived in Bo'ness but it looks like they may have moved to Dunfermline which is where most of my relatives now reside. The odd thing about Wilhelmina is that she was listed in other documentation as Minnie Ralph A Johnston. I don't know where the Ralph came from. If anyone knows more information then feel free to contact me.
On Thursday, 21-Feb-2008
Tom Nisbett - from Peterborough, Ont., Canada wrote:
Check out the new N/N North America (includes Canada) site at:

Really great and informative

On Tuesday, 19-Feb-2008
Anthony (Tony) Nesbitt - from Cherrybrook NSW wrote:
Just received a Clan badge/Crest from Avance Highland Sales in Scotland. Good quality at a reasonable price. Originally sent a Presyterian Crest due to a mix up in the stamping at the foundry. Be careful ordering with the pulldown menu on Avance's website. Send a follow up email to ensure they get it right. Atia Chalmers at Avance Highland Sales was very professional and corrected the error in six days.
On Wednesday, 13-Feb-2008
richard naisbitt - from perth western australia wrote:
Hi everyone, just wondering, any Naisbitts out there?
On Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007
Robert Nisbet - from Berkshire england/ Fife Scotland wrote:
In addition - Dad Anderson Nisbet. Uncles - George, Hugh, Sammy, Eck, Walter, more but too many to remember! Feel free to get in contact.
On Wednesday, 12-Dec-2007
Robert Nisbet - from Berkshire england/ Fife Scotland wrote:
Hi everyone, my name is Robert Alexander Nisbet and the majority if my imediate family remain in Fife Scotland. I have jumped ship and live in England but keep in touch with family.
On Monday, 10-Dec-2007
Dale Keith Nesbitt - from Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada wrote:
I am a third generation Nesbitt in Canada. My Grandfather, Charles and his brother Rex came to Canada from England. I can provide more details if you wish.
On Monday, 26-Nov-2007
Carrie Moczynski - from Drouin - Victoria wrote:
Hello, Carrie here again. I last wrote in the guest book in June. I have had a couple of people contact me regarding my father Adrian Nisbet and my sister Fiona with some information . I would like to thank Anne from NSW and Harry from USA for taking the trouble.
I will find Fiona, it's just a matter of time. All I know about her is that she was probably born in either the 1950s or 60s, possibly in NSW. I only know her mothers first name, which is I think Vita.
Not much to go on, but someone out there knows her. If anyone has any information what so ever, I would be enternally grateful if you would contact me. Thank you
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