Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of Australia
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On Sunday, 30-Jul-2006
One of the descendents of the Mauchline Nisbets, via James Stewart Nisbet 1839-1906. I wondered if any of the relatives of James Stewart's, 1870-1944, (my grandfather) half sisters, Harriet and Mary are checking the GuestBook.
On Monday, 10-Jul-2006
Earl Nisbet - from Aptos, California U.S.A. wrote:
This is a note to inform you of a new book written of my experiences while living with architect Frank Lloyd Wright, at Taliesin. You may view portions of “Taliesin Reflections” by clicking on Then click on “Taliesin Reflections.” I do hope it will be of value to those interested in architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, or design. Proceeds will be donated to TALIESIN PRESERVATION, INC. Thank you, Earl Nisbet, Aptos, California.
On Sunday, 30-Apr-2006
Hal Nesbitt - from Washington State, U.S.A. wrote:
FamilyTreeDNA results indicate that several of us Nesbit(t)s in the U.S.A. are closely related to Mark Nesbitt, Clan Chief. Of more interest is the fact that we are of the Nesbitt of Craigintinnie and Dirleton clan. Looking for any connections...
On Friday, 31-Mar-2006
Elizabeth Nisbet - from Mentone Melbourne Australia wrote:
My family come from Greenock Scotland.I have traced seven generations of Alexander Nisbet born in Scotland from 1800. Is there any other Nisbet out there from Greenock?
On Sunday, 26-Mar-2006
Kelly West - from Canberra, ACT, Australia wrote:
Hi There

I am trying to get in contact with the Nesbit/Nisbett family who owned a Diary Farm in the Upper Murray River region between Jin Jelic and Tholegalong back in the 1940's. My Grandmother, Hilda West, and her children (including my father) used to live on the Nesbit/Nisbett farm and I would really like to be able to contact the owners so I can confirm some family history. I believe that the owners were Andy and Tilley Nesbit/Nisbet and they had four daughters, Agness, Joan, Beverly and Lorraine. If anyone knows anything about these people I would really appreciate being contacted.


On Saturday, 25-Mar-2006
Allan Stuart Charles Nisbet - from Newcastle, NSW wrote:
Hello everyone, just thought i would drop a wee hello from a scotsman a long way from home.

My family tree is based on the nisbets who inhabit the shetland islands.

Im shocked to see how worldwide our ancestors have managed to get.

I even brougt my nisbet kilt all the way here, still not managed to wear it at an event.

St Patricks day just didnt seem right, so will have to wait till rabbie burns night.


On Wednesday, 08-Mar-2006
Belinda Birchfield - from Sydney Australia wrote:
I am looking for Shane Nesbitt who went to Girraween Primary School and Girraween High School my maiden name is Rollans.Would love to hear from you, last i heard you were in the navy have not seen your Mum for ages has she moved?
On Sunday, 05-Mar-2006
suzanne nisbet - from peterborough englad wrote:
hello my name is suzanne mary nisbet i thought it would be fun to leave my mark my father is william nisbet from govern glasgow he and his family moved to south england corby (or little scotland as its called)
On Monday, 27-Feb-2006
Tanya McKenna - from Texas, QLD wrote:
Just looking for unknown relatives & thinking about family history. My grandfather is Robert James Nesbit married Cassie Ada Pickering. My mother Joyce Cassie Nesbit. Anyone that knows of us?
On Friday, 24-Feb-2006
Harry J. Nesbitt - from Temecula, CA, USA wrote:
Good day, all. I am Harry Nesbitt, and my wife Janet ( Jan ), are Yank
Nesbitts. We have been N/N members for a few years. We had the good fortune a few years ago of
sharing an European Tour with a gaggle of your country-mates. They were Marg and David Wilson of Sale, Victoria ( David's Menswear), and Lynn and Darryal Tripp of Melbourne, Mike and Louise Campbell of Sydney. We visited the Victoria Bunch in 2002,
and they visited us in return in Southern California in 2003. We spent a couple of weeks in London in 2004, and happened to coincide with the Campbells. Jan and I will attend the UK Gathering in Kilmarnock, Scotland in May '06. Maybe we will see some of our down-under " cousins " at that time!
Best Regards, Harry & Jan Nesbitt.
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