Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of Australia
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On Sunday, 10-Jul-2005
Anne  - from USA Michigan wrote:
I am so excited to find this. I had an idea that the Nesbitt name was pretty big. Just not this big!
On Sunday, 26-Jun-2005
Gem Stewart Symon (nee Nisbet) - from Bundaberg Q Aust wrote:
Has anyone found any trace of a James Stewart Nisbet born Stromness 1870 and believed to have lived in NSW between then and 1899 before moving to Qld. I can find no reference to him so far. Help would be appreciated
On Sunday, 26-Jun-2005
Gem Stewart Symon (nee Nisbet) - from Bundaberg, Q, Aust wrote:
I would like to trace descendents of Florence Gordon Nisbet (Stromness 1872) or Harriet Steven Nisbet (Edinburgh 1880). They are sister and half sister of my Grandfather, James Stewart Nisbet (Stromness 1870) who came to Australia about 1877.
On Friday, 17-Jun-2005
Raymond John Humbley - from Gold Coast - Queensland - Australia wrote:
Yes - William JC Humbley & nes Nisbet are my g or gg grandparents.
My father was Hector Mc. Donald Humbley. His father was a William (Sydney?) Humbley - I think the son, but maybe the grandson of these people.
I could point you to those that know more if that is what you seek.
On Tuesday, 19-Apr-2005
James E. Nisbet - from 53 Yeo Street, Cremorne, NSW 2090 wrote:
I am researching Murdoch Nisbet who translated the Bible into the Scottish vernacular.Looking fo descendants post 1550. Greatfull for any info. to the above address.
On Monday, 04-Apr-2005
Sandra Nesbitt - from New Jersey, USA wrote:
My son stumbled upon the site, which is wonderful by the way, and sent me the link. My husband knows little to nothing about his family history and I hope to return here and see if I can dig anything up. Its really interesting to see the background on the family name and I'd love for my 3 sons to know more about the Nesbitt side of their heritage. (I'll be back)
On Thursday, 17-Feb-2005
John C. Nesbit - from Vancouver, Canada wrote:
For information about Nesbits in Ford Forge, Northumberland in the 1800s, visit this website:
--- John
On Monday, 31-Jan-2005
Shirley Nesbitt - from Brisbane Australia wrote:
      The newsletter has been successfully received. Thanks to David Nesbitt from Northern Ireland for the Ulster Covenant site. We enjoyed searching and finding the signatures of a Grandparent and Uncle.
On Sunday, 23-Jan-2005
Robert Nisbet - from Canberra, Australia wrote:
The website looks good! I am from the Nisbet/Spry line of family from Ceduna/Thevenard Sth Australia. The older members of the family are dwindling with the sad passing of Uncle John Nisbet of Thevenard in December. Uncle Colin Nisbet in Adelaide and Auntie Wilma Ward being the last remaining siblings from John Grant Nisbet and Amy Lurline Spry. My father was Robert Nisbet, brother of Alan, John, Colin and Wilma. I guess its about time I joined the society, I've requested application forms twice in the past and never got around filling them out and sending payment. There's a good new years resolution for you.
On Wednesday, 12-Jan-2005
David Nesbitt - from Richhill Northern Ireland wrote:
Just thought I'd let you Aussie Nesbitt/Nisbet's know of a site I found. It is it has a copy of all those who signed the Ulster covenant in 1912 and you can see the actual signatures of your kin (and it is free) check it out
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