Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of Australia
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On Monday, 29-Sep-2003
Effie Todd - from Victoria wrote:
Hi Ian, Glad to be able to use this site at long last. I am still gettting the message up, but no doubt Leon will work on it. Hullo to all other Nisbet/Nesbitt's who visit.
On Wednesday, 18-Jun-2003
Anthony mark Nesbitt - from Cherrybrook wrote:
I last signed into the Guestbook in May 1999 when living in Taipei, R.O.C., Taiwan. I have now returned to Australia (via assignments in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia). I have just re-applied for membership because of the many addresses (both email and home)I have had over the past six years.

I am a woodcarver. I logged on to site to get greater detail of the Coat-Of-Arms of Robert Chancellor Nesbitt which I am working on at the moment.

I am aware that this is not the Nesbitt family Coat-of Arms but belongs to that individual. I always acknowledge this fact when displaying or exhibiting carvings in this category. I have carved the badge many times and given them as gifts to family members. I gather the badge with a motto of either "I byde it" or "A Nisbet a Nisbet" is OK for "general consumption".

Any other family members out there that have had a go at carving arms? Any clues on how to get the boar right? They always seem to come out looking like a cross between a dragon and a Scottish Terrier for me. There are always five or six boars on each piece. It is very hard to get them looking the same. I will keep at it!

On Saturday, 08-Mar-2003
Tracey Nisbett - from Southend on Sea - England wrote:
Just like to say hello to all the Nisbetts down under. There aren't too many of us in Essex, it would be nice to hear from any distant Nisbett cousins out there in Australia or anywhere infact.

Love Tracey x

On Tuesday, 04-Mar-2003
Earl Nisbet - from Aptos-California-USA wrote:
I just ran across your N/N site a few minutes ago, and of course very interesting.
My Father was Charles Frederick Nisbet, born in South Shields, England. His Mother was a Knox supposedly directly related to John Knox, who started the Presbyterian Religion. My Father had a brother who went to Australia in the late 1800's. ? . .
If anyone is interested something about me can be found by searching: [the sai chow doo house by earl nisbet].
On Monday, 24-Feb-2003
private krankenversicherung wrote:
Excellent Site. My compliments. keep up that good work. From -Germany Walter
On Thursday, 26-Dec-2002
Brian Nesbitt - from Canberra wrote:
It has been some time since I left a message - we had a great trip to NW of Western Australia - and now I wish everyone a very happy new year.
On Saturday, 09-Nov-2002
tonya nesbitt - from philadelphia, pa USA wrote:
i live in philadelphia, father and his father and his father are from the the bahamas, nesbitt is a very common name....even a Nesbitt town there...i am of african-american/bahamian we all know, our ancestors come from scotland....i am interested in finding out whcih of our ancestors made a stop in the bahamas and when....i can track the Nesbitts from scotland to pennsylvania but nothing in between....any info is appreciated...

also, there is a Nesbitt Hall on Drexel University's campus here in philadelphia, pa....i'm also trying to find out who he/she was....

On Sunday, 25-Aug-2002
Debbie - from Sydney NSW wrote:
Am in the process of joining - enjoyed the site. Am descended from a Peter Nisbet who married a Marion Harcass (Herkis) in Dunbar Scot. One of their sons James Herkis Nisbet married a Jane Hume in 1840 He immigrated to Aust after his second marriage (via Vic to Syd. A daughter Marion Herkis Mawer (ness Nisbet) married a William JC Humbley and they were my gg-grandparents Any info would be appreciated Enjoy
On Tuesday, 06-Aug-2002
Wilson Nisbet - from Lake Macquarie New South Wales Australia wrote:
In June 2001 I revisited my birthplace Torrance near Glasgow Scotland it was the most wonderful experience I left there with my family in 1954 and settled in Cardiff New South Wales Australia.
I was reunited with by brother James Nisbet for 8 wonderful weeks.
On Wednesday, 17-Jul-2002
Ian Herbert - from North East Victoria wrote:
My great grandfather Robert Herbert came to the Ovens valley and Bright, Victoria from Canada in 1852 on the 'Revenue'. Acompanying him were a James and Isabella (nee Craigs) Nesbitt. I am curious as to where they went and whether they had any family. Am also in receipt of an email of a relative trying to trace them via a Robert Herbert descendant.

Robert was 20 when he left New Brunswick, Canada. His parents went there from Northumberland, Eng in 1837 when he was 9. The Nesbitts and the Craigs were among the families that immigrated with the Herberts from Northumberland and Southern Scotland. I have details of this immigration and the settlement.

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