Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of Australia
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On Sunday, 24-Jun-2001
Danny Nisbett - from London wrote:
Just a quick hello to all bearing the name. Its been a real surprise to me, as coming from London I've only ever met about five others bearing the same surname! Best regards to you all


On Friday, 22-Jun-2001
Jo Nesbitt - from Sydney wrote:
Hi there
I am off to Ireland in September and I am hoping to find some of my family history. My grandfather William moved out to Sydney from Belfast in the about 1920. Could anyone give me some tips on where to start? Maybe a number or an organisation would be a great help. I am getting more definite dates and names from my mum before I leave so I will have a bit more info by then. Anyway, thanks from a Nezzy.
On Monday, 11-Jun-2001
Eleisa White - from Sydney, NSW wrote:
Hi, me again...
Does anyone know of Violet Louise Hamilton-Gordon? She was married to William George Nisbet from Hay. She had already had a daughter (Muriel) and went on to have two boys with William: Frederick (who died at nine from bronchial pneumonia) and Douglas (my grandfather). Any help or leads would be much appreciated.
On Tuesday, 29-May-2001
Eleisa White - from Glebe, Sydney, Australia wrote:
I'm wondering if anyone has any information on the Nisbets of Hay, NSW. They owned a farm called Dry Lake just out of town. My Grandfather is Doug Nisbet, the youngest son of the family.
On Thursday, 19-Apr-2001
Robert James Stewart Nisbet - from Swift current Sask. Canada. wrote:
A g uncle of mine may have gone to Australia.It may have been John or William Born at Longgreen Farm in Ayreshire .Any clues? Rob.
On Saturday, 10-Mar-2001
Chris Van Zwam - from Calgary Alberta Canada wrote:
looking for relatives, mothers name Violet Rose Nesbitt,her father was Hugh nesbitt who was married to Jesse Cameron Mcklasco Ross other relatives, Duncan Nesbitt Alex Nesbitt Garnet Nesbitt Iam trying to trace the history of my mothers family but i don't have very much information
On Saturday, 24-Feb-2001
Darran Nesbitt - from Sunderland, England. wrote:
Hello and good fortune to all things Nesbitt related!
On Monday, 29-Jan-2001
Maggie & Tony Crampton - from Dapto wrote:
Hello. It seems that we share a common ancestor. While searching for information on Tumut I stumbled on Kerry's Genealogy site and found that Mac (-2, 7)and my husband's grandfather are cousins.

I am having difficulty finding information about David Bark Crampton. Any direction or advice that you can send me would be much appreciated

On Sunday, 24-Dec-2000
Brian Nesbitt - from Canberra wrote:
I wish all NN's, wherever you may be, a very merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.
Brian Nesbitt
On Tuesday, 19-Dec-2000
Christopher Stuart Nesbitt - from Ontario, canada wrote:
This is a great site, looking for others that may have relatives in Canada, dad's family came from alberta canada and moved to ontario,we then moved to scotland and now back again to here, fathers name was robert james morley nesbitt merry chrismas to all
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