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On Monday, 29-Jan-2001
Maggie & Tony Crampton - from Dapto wrote:
Hello. It seems that we share a common ancestor. While searching for information on Tumut I stumbled on Kerry's Genealogy site and found that Mac (-2, 7)and my husband's grandfather are cousins.

I am having difficulty finding information about David Bark Crampton. Any direction or advice that you can send me would be much appreciated

On Sunday, 24-Dec-2000
Brian Nesbitt - from Canberra wrote:
I wish all NN's, wherever you may be, a very merry Christmas and all the best for the new year.
Brian Nesbitt
On Tuesday, 19-Dec-2000
Christopher Stuart Nesbitt - from Ontario, canada wrote:
This is a great site, looking for others that may have relatives in Canada, dad's family came from alberta canada and moved to ontario,we then moved to scotland and now back again to here, fathers name was robert james morley nesbitt merry chrismas to all
On Monday, 18-Dec-2000
Ian M Nisbet - from Melbourne, vic,Australia wrote:
Hello Brian & Kathleen, Congratulations and welcome to our newest N/N Cathleen. Clan
Greetings to all the family.
On Monday, 18-Dec-2000
Brian Nesbitt - from Canberra wrote:
For the third time I'm trying to say hello to all. Our 4th grandchild was born on 25 November 2000 in Canberra. Cathleen Alexandra Nesbitt-Heelan. Enjoying retirement.
On Friday, 15-Dec-2000
Jackie James (nee Nesbitt) - from Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia wrote:
I'm tracing my family tree and was delighted to come across this site. So far I have details of 308 relatives descended from my grandfather Michael "Skipper" Nesbitt, i.e. my cousins, 2nd cousins & their children but do not know much about his ancestors. His father's name was Mark nesbitt and his mother's name was Madeline Mc Inerney, and Michael was born 3rd June 1882. I'd appreciate any info relevant . I'll certainly be joining the society and look forward to future events.
On Sunday, 03-Dec-2000
Ian M Nisbet - from Melbourne, vic,Australia wrote:
Anna, I had expected that your Dad would have responded by now. I hope you will attend our Xmas Gathering next Saturday night. It promises to be a Night Of Magic!
On Tuesday, 28-Nov-2000
Anna Nisbet - from Melbourne wrote:
Hello DAD!!! I never knew there was a nisbet nesbitt web page!
On Tuesday, 28-Nov-2000
william straker-nesbit - from london, england wrote:
Attempting to trace Edward Nesbit's issue. Edward was the brother of John (b 1750) and they were sons of Caleb Nesbit (who left Paxton, Berwickshire, Scotland and went to Long Benton Nothumberland England). Edward at some stage went to Australia and had a son called Earnest who lived at Medindis (? spelling) Australia.
Would be interested in any connections/information/dates about Edward/Earnest and any descendants.
John Nesbit is my GGGgrandfather and Edward my GGGuncle.
On Tuesday, 14-Nov-2000
john michael nesbit - from concord california usa wrote:
hello cousins,
my family that has been traced is from the little village of cessford about 8 miles south of kelso in roxburghshire. they were shepherds.
in 1828, after the farms in the area had been consolidated, they came to new york.
our ancestors have been traced back to william nisbet and elspeth hall in cessford in the 1750's.
we believe william was the son of john nisbet, who was born to william (laird dirleton) nisbet 29 june, 1722, in eckford. he had three wives and 19 children.
a genealogy has been done for the eldest son, also known as william, but we are searching for a complete lineage for all 19 children.
any help is appreciated of course.
kindest regards, john m nesbit
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