Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of Australia
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On Tuesday, 14-Nov-2000
john michael nesbit - from concord california usa wrote:
hello cousins,
my family that has been traced is from the little village of cessford about 8 miles south of kelso in roxburghshire. they were shepherds.
in 1828, after the farms in the area had been consolidated, they came to new york.
our ancestors have been traced back to william nisbet and elspeth hall in cessford in the 1750's.
we believe william was the son of john nisbet, who was born to william (laird dirleton) nisbet 29 june, 1722, in eckford. he had three wives and 19 children.
a genealogy has been done for the eldest son, also known as william, but we are searching for a complete lineage for all 19 children.
any help is appreciated of course.
kindest regards, john m nesbit
On Tuesday, 07-Nov-2000
Will Nisbet - from Glasgow Scotland U.K. wrote:
I was very surprised to see such a
web site on my family name. If anyone requires information from Glasgow, just ask, after all you may be family.

All the best.

On Monday, 16-Oct-2000
Denise - from Brisbane, Australia wrote:
Great site, looking for Nesbit descendants from Newcastle,Bedlington Northumberland area. Looking forward to hearing from you.
On Friday, 29-Sep-2000
Effie Todd - from Melbourne Australia wrote:
Hi N/N's it's good to see messages appearing on our page. Please keep up the good work, it's the only way we know if this site is working. Would love to see more N/N's joining our Society in Australia.
On Sunday, 30-Jul-2000
Heather Nisbet - from Scotland wrote:
Hi to any Nisbet's logged on out there keep Nisbetting!
On Monday, 10-Jul-2000
Helen(Nesbitt)Sands - from Evanston Park South Australia wrote:
an excellent website..great idea..have just started searching for relatives of my grandfather Herbert Nesbitt born around 1900 in the Shankhill road area of Belfast glad to hear from anyone who may be able to help
On Monday, 12-Jun-2000
Gordon Nisbet - from Adelaide S.A. wrote:
Enjoyed reading your interesting site - originally hail from Wallsend on Tyne, U.K.
On Monday, 12-Jun-2000
On Wednesday, 03-May-2000
mary E. Bryant - from Little Valley, NY USA wrote:
I'm still trying to find out where my ancestors came here from and when.
George Nisbet was b. 1798, his wife Elizabeth was b. 1896. The two children I know are, Jane b 127 and John b. 1833. They were in Potter Co.PA by 1860 and on the census. They were all born in Scotland.
A few weeks ago I found a notebook belonging to John Nisbet and in it I found his name and a place called Felling Shore, and the date 1845. I found Felling Shore in England.
I also found John and his Mother, Elizabeth on the 1851 census there.

mary E Bryant

On Thursday, 30-Mar-2000
Marja Nisbet Koppe - from Sunny FL, USA wrote:
Beautiful page! I love the layout! I just enjoy reading info from the Nisbet/Nesbitt Society. I am lucky to have a book my 2nd cousin wrote showing my heritage back to the beginnings of Nisbet in Scotland. I wish to say GOD BLESS to all of you...MNK
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