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On Monday, 09-Aug-1999
Suzanne (Suz) Corbett nee Nisbet - from Brisbane Qld. wrote:
I am wondering if anyone could help me find family. From what my father told me grandfather stwoed away on a vessel to Australia whe he was 11 years old and later became a seaman. He setteld down in Carrington Newcatle N.S.W.. Eventually going back back to Scotland where he married my grandmother in the United Free Church of Scotland, in the Burgh of Leith 26th March 1919.
Great grandfather: Alexander Nisbet
Great grandmother: Barbara Nisbet (nee Wanless)
Grandfather: Duncan Nisbet Born 1889
Grandmother: Marjory Cameron Ramsay Born 1889.
After marrying grandfather took his wife bak to Carrington Newcastle N.S.W. where they settled permantly. They had two sons. Alexander Ramsay Nisbet and my father Duncan Peter Ramsay Nisbett.

My father passed away 4th March 1991 and his brother May this year. As far as I am aware I have no relations in Australia. It would be a pleasant surprise though to discover this may not be the case.

Would love to hear from anyone that may know of any connection either in Australia or Scotland.

On Saturday, 31-Jul-1999
Margaret Vickers - from Palmerston Otago New Zealand wrote:
Congratulation. enjoyed the page.
My father was Samuel James Nesbitt, son of John Nesbitt and Margaret Girvan of Lislea Keady Co Armagh Northern Ireland.
Last Year I was able to go back to Keady and met some more off my family that didnot the last time I was there, it is a
great thrill to find were you roots are.Keep up the good work Ian and the rest of the N/N Clan
On Thursday, 08-Jul-1999
Brian Nesbitt - from Canberra wrote:
I received an interesting letter from Catherine Frew from PO Box 15 Tumbarumba 2653 and it maybe that we may go back to 1885 Oberton, Dreghorn Ayshire. Will keep you informed. Brian nesbitt
On Saturday, 05-Jun-1999
Tom Nisbett - from Peterborough, Ont. Canada wrote:
good job on the Australian page Ian...look forward to watching it from time to time... thanks for visiting my page at:
Please visit from time to time...all Nisbett/Nesbitts etc. welcome..
On Tuesday, 01-Jun-1999
Brian Nesbitt - from Canberra ACT wrote:
I would like to hear from anyone from Ayr Scotland. My Great Grandfather (NISBET) and Great Grandmother (SMILLIE) were from there. Regards Brian Nesbitt
On Tuesday, 18-May-1999
Greg Harper - from Mt Riverview, NSW wrote:
The N/N web site looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing more content soon.

Keep up the great work.

My Nisbett connection:
My Great, Great, Great Grand mother was Elizabeth Nisbett, daughter of Anthony Nisbett and Jane Moyes of London, ENG.

Elizabeth came to Australia and married Richard Hyde in 1855 in Geelong, VIC

On Saturday, 15-May-1999
Bruce Maxwell Nesbit - from Cairns, Queensland, Australia wrote:
Congratulations on having the NN website up and running.

I look forward to hearing some interesting tales.

On Friday, 07-May-1999
Anthony Mark Nesbitt - from Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C. wrote:
I am an Australian, from Cherrybrook N.S.W. now an expatriate on assignment in Taiwan. We are descended from the Hunter Valley N.S.W. branch. I'm no expert on this, I know some of my cousins have spent a lot of time on the subject. My grandparents were Michael and Sarah (nee Sedgeman) who lived in East Greta or thereabouts. My father, Vincent Michael attended a family reunion a few years ago in the Hunter for my mother's side of the family (nee Groves). There were quite a few Nesbitt descendants there, connected through the Mackinerney family. I stumbled onto the site quite by accident and haven't got any more time now. I'll revisit later.
On Wednesday, 05-May-1999
Drew Nisbet - from Toronto, Ontario, Canada wrote:
Oops! In my eagerness I accidentally messed up some dates in my previous message. My great-uncle Robert was born 10 Dec 1883 (not 1993) and died 23 Mar 1918 (not 1818). I guess I've been spending too much time recently perusing 19th century records!
On Wednesday, 05-May-1999
Drew Nisbet - from Toronto, Ontario, Canada wrote:
Congratulations on getting the web site up and running! Best wishes and may your site flourish.

I've finally overcome a hurdle in my Nisbet research. My great-uncle Robert Nisbet was born in Edinburgh, 10 Dec 1993, to John Reid Nisbet and Mary Muirhead Findlay. He was killed in France during W.W. 1, 23 Mar 1818. Shortly following his death his two young sons emigrated to Australia. Until now I had been unable to determine the name of Robert's wife and his sons, but I have learned that his wife's name was Elizabeth Mill Taylor, and have also learned the name of the two boys.

I would appreciate any information regarding:

JOHN REID NISBET, born 1909, Edinburgh

WILLIAM BEGBIE NISBET, born 1913, Edinburgh

Thanks in advance for any information your members may be able to provide.
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