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On Wednesday, 06-Aug-2014
Jennifer Nisbet - from Sydney NSW wrote:
I am currently writing a family history and would be grateful if anyone has any information about my father: Dr Alwyn Tom Hays Nisbet (1892-1953) who practised as a radiologist in Sydney from the 1930s
On Thursday, 03-Jul-2014
Luke Craig Nisbet - from Adelaide, South Australia wrote:
I'm here just because of my last name
On Thursday, 12-Jun-2014
Ian G Nisbet - from Melbourne wrote:
Hi Beryl
In the N/N Society's 'Biographical Dictionary' 1994 we have a listing for John William Nisbet, born 1871[NSW], the son of Edward Thomas Nisbet and his wife Sarah Oram. Other children listed are John Joseph, Harry, James Oram, Norman Edward, Edna Sarah, Marjorie Mariah. Some commonality in the names here.
Are they the same family?

Ian G Nisbet
Secretary, N/N Society

On Tuesday, 03-Jun-2014
Beryl Hatton - from Darfield, New Zealand wrote:
My Great grandfather was John Butler NISBET, son of John William NISBET and Harriet Nancy Smallbones ORAM.
John William died in Australia and is buried at Paramatta. His wife predeceased him and is buried at Barbadoes Cemetery, Christchurch NZ.
On Wednesday, 29-Jan-2014
Janelle - from Lake Macquarie NSW Australia wrote:
Hi, Just found this site and it's great. My mum was a Nesbitt, Kathleen, one of 6 out of 8 surviving children to Kathleen Mills and Vincent Nesbitt. Vince was an Australian soldier who met Kathleen in London and they married after WW1 and then came back to Newcastle area, in NSW Australia. There are lots of relatives in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley area. I can go back to Joseph Nesbit b 1806 in Northd Cramlington(Not sure what it is abbreviated for) married to Elizabeth Scott b1797, Joseph's father was Roger Nesbit but I have no further details. Thanks
On Sunday, 06-Oct-2013
Damonii Nisbet - from Perth, Australia wrote:
I am wondering if anyone can help me get further back down my line. I am currently only able to find as far back as follows.

Muir William Nisbet
Son of George and Williamina (unsure of spelling)
Born in Auchinleck, Ayrshire, Scotland 1921

Brother Tom (wife Mary)
Sister Rena

This is my Great Grandfather and most of this information is from my Grandmothers memory.

I am trying to trace it back to my last ancestor that held Heraldric Arms to figure out where I should start with my own.

On Tuesday, 10-Sep-2013
anne-marie Calmy (ex Nisbet) - from Nouméa wrote:
If this is of any help to your valuable work :
I read your lines answering "Colin", about Peter Malcolm and Majorie Ada Nisbet (born Rowe) from Collinsville (Queensland). They were my in-laws.
I have been married for ten to their only son Bruce Wallace Nisbet, an eminent geologist (Equinox) who died 10 May 2006. He had then remarried and had a daughter, Gemma who, I think, lives in Perth (WA).

Bruce W. was born in Collinsville 17th May 1943.

Peter M. Nisbet did not have any brother in Collinsville but a sister who married and lived in Melbourne. Unfortunately, I do not remember her name.

On Monday, 29-Jul-2013
Lillian Ward - from New Zealand wrote:
I hope this is right ! John Butler Nisbet married Jane Huges in 1876.their spouses are John William, Mabel Ellen,Thomas Bertram, Harold Claud ,James Oliver Dorothy Hinemoa , Bessie Margaret Constance ( This is my grandmother .
On Monday, 29-Jul-2013
Lillian Ward - from New Zealand wrote:
Sorry let me explain.Don't know much about this side of the family ! what I do know is that my grandmother was Bessie Margaret Constance Le Beau and Grand father Francis Joseph Le Beau
On Monday, 29-Jul-2013
Lillian Ward - from New Zealand wrote:
Might be related !
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