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On Friday, 24-May-2013
Ian Nisbet - from Melbourne wrote:
Hi Tim
Is the Peter C Nisbet you referred to Peter Currie Nisbet?

There is a Peter Currie McEachran Nisbet listed in the Electoral Roles for c 1936/37 Randwick, NSW. records that he married Isabel M E Newman in Deniliquin in 1891. It also records that he died 1940 at Redfern NSW and that his parents were William and Christina Nisbet.

There is a strong connection with a Nisbet family and Deniliquin and Peter C Nisbet maybe from that family.

You do not mention the names of the brothers. Do you know any more facts about your Peter C Nisbet?


Ian G Nisbet
Secretary N/N Soc
On Friday, 24-May-2013
Ian Nisbet - from Melbourne wrote:
Hi Stella

Robert Nisbet married Marion McGowan on 14 December 1877 as stated on Roberts birth certificate of 18 February 1878. The 1891 census records that Robert and Marion have four children, Robert, John, Flora and Marion. Robert snr gives his birth place as Dunbartonshire and that he was born c1853.

Robert and Marion marriage certificate records that Marion is the daughter of John McGowan and Flora [ms McDonald] McGowan. For Robert only his mother is listed; Elizabeth Nisbet.   However one of the witnesses is Margaret Fairlie. This is interesting as the 1901 census has Robert[1878], Flora[1883] and Marion[1889] living with Elizabeth Fairlie, age 69 years, as the head of the house. Her birth place is given as Ireland The relationship to the three Nisbet children is given as grandparent. Checking on death of Robert Nisbet, he died in 1893 aged 40 years. His mother is listed as Elizabeth Nisbet or Fairley. Marion Nisbet, widow, is the informant.

I cannot find a birth listing in Scotland for Robert and this leads me to think that Robert was born to Elizabeth Fairlie and maybe the fathers surname was Nisbet. Official registration of births did not start until 1855. I cannot find a Robert Nisbet or Robert Fairlie in the OPR births.

John[1880] died in 1899.

Hope this helps.


Ian Nisbet
Secreary N/N Soc
On Friday, 24-May-2013
Ian Nisbet - from Melbourne wrote:
Hi Colin

I have done alittle bit of work on Francis. He landed in Sydney as Frank Nisbet, miner.
Frank Nisbet is listed in the 1930 Electoral Roll for Queensland, Scottville. His occupation is Miner. Jessie Malcolm Nisbet recorded as living at same address. Occupation home duties. Jessie dies in 1964. Cannot find a record online for Franks death.

Peter Nisbet first appears in the 1937 Electoral Roll in 1937 living at Scottville.. At that time the voting age was 21 years. This places his birth about 1916. In later rolls he is listed as Peter Malcolm Nisbet.

In the 1949 Roll Marjory Ada Rebecca Nisbet is listed. I assume this is Peters wife. As in both cases I cannot find on a record of either of the above marriages. In the 1980 Roll Peter and Marjory are living in McKay, Nth Queensland.

There is also an Andrew Nisbet living at Scottville, a miner also. I see from the UK census that Francis had an older brother Andrew. I am wondering whether they are brothers. Given that Scottsville is out beyond the Black Stump I find it a little incredulous that two Nisbets end up there.

Hope this helps..a little. I notice on on the Public Family trees there is apossible connection. Iwill follow up.

Ian Nisbet
Secretary N/N Soc

On Wednesday, 08-May-2013
stella hull.(nisbett) - from dicky beach caloundra.qld. wrote:
it's been a while since i last visited &have found that my family comes from Duntocher robert 1853.according to 1881 census.archive ref.R.G.11.can anyone help me find my way back from there.   regards stella.
On Monday, 22-Apr-2013
colin nisbet - from scotland wrote:
trying to trace family members of Francis Nisbet from Falkirk who arrived in Fremantle on SS ormonde on 1st June ,1922
On Tuesday, 19-Feb-2013
anthony nisbet - from adelaide south australia wrote:
i was born in carmyle glasgow in 1952 to father thomas and mary nisbet. emmigrated to australia on the 4-7-75 have my wife sandra and 2 daughters pamela & kerri-anne .
On Tuesday, 29-Jan-2013
Tim Nisbet - from Brisbane wrote:
Hi looking for family members six brothers father Peter C Nisbet early days (40years ago plus) lived in NSW Aust
On Wednesday, 23-Jan-2013
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On Tuesday, 15-Jan-2013
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On Wednesday, 09-Jan-2013
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