Nesbitt/Nisbet Society of Australia
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On Saturday, 09-Apr-2011
Christina Gifford - from UK wrote:
Thanks Ian. Am posting biographical info sheet to Gary Nisbet.
On Friday, 08-Apr-2011
Timothy L Nisbet - from Brisbane wrote:
Born 1960 North Shore hospital Sydney NSW Aust. Five brothers have not seen or had any contact for for years
On Thursday, 07-Apr-2011
Ian G Nisbet - from Melbourne wrote:

You are correct on the marriage of Thomas and Jane,1890 at Molong.

They had the following children:
Thomas Nesbitt 1891 Thomas, Jane Molong, New South Wales

Grace S Nesbitt 1892 Thomas, Jane Molong, New South Wales

Wallace J Nesbitt 1895 Thomas, Jane Molong, New South Wales

Gerty E Nesbitt 1897 Thomas, Jane Molong, New South Wales

Cecil P Nesbitt 1900 Thomas, Jane Molong, New South Wales

Herrick S Nesbitt 1903 Thomas, Janie Molong, New South Wales

Horace R Nesbitt 1905 Thomas, Janie Molong, New South Wales

Mervyn A Nesbitt 1908 Thomas, Jane Molong, New South Wales.

Thomas may have had some relations also as in the 1936 Census for Bathurst a Eric Stanley Nesbitt shares the same address as Horace.

Hope this helps in getting you started.

Secretary N/N Society

On Wednesday, 06-Apr-2011
Ian G Nisbet - from Melbourne wrote:

If there ever was a case for calling the Society the Nesbitt/Nisbet Society your family is a good example.
1841 census Edward Nisbet and Jane Nisbet and Walsie Nisbet, aged 1 year;
1851 UK census Edward Nesbit and Jane Nesbit parents of William D Nesbit;
1861 census Nesbit;
1871 census Naisbett inc Thomas C (Collins) and Walter B (Blake) Naisbett;
1881 census Walter B Nisbet staying with his gmother Mary Collins;
Walter Blake Nisbet dies in Qland 7 May 1920. He had three sons; Alwyn T H Nisbet born 1892, Richard born 1893, died young and Edward W B born 5 July 1896. More work to be done on the later genrations.


On Monday, 04-Apr-2011
Christina Gifford - from Surrey/ U.K wrote:
Hello. I am a member of the UK branch of the N/Ns & am very pleased to now be a member of the Australian branch as well. My Aussie link began in 1875 when my great great grandfather William David Nisbet arrived in Brisbane from the UK aged 38years to work as a harbour & drainage engineer. He was born in Northumberland as was my great great great grandfather Edward Nesbit.
On Friday, 01-Apr-2011
Elizabeth Nesbitt - from Rockingham Western Australia wrote: a super hurry & just passing through today. I just googled my sons name (he's just about old enough to start getting into mischief) and I saw a summons for descandants of Mr & Mrs John Nesbitt.
It occurs to me that my husband know very little of his ancestry. This is what I am aware of (the private, compressed version anyway):

The patriarch is Basil Nesbitt born in then India (now Pakistan) in the 30's the youngest(?) of a large family. Descended from anglo/indan stock - who went to India to work on British Railways). He had three children (m,f,m) then immegrated to Bristol, England before having two more children (m, m). Later moved the family to Bunbury, Western Australia where they settled.

If anyone has a family tree that has a branch or two in India, I would love to compare notes.

I have also noted that there are an incredible number of baby boys in my branch of the Nesbitt tree...has anyone else noted the same of their family?

Elizabeth Nesbitt

On Friday, 01-Apr-2011
Stefanie Nesbitt - from Queensland wrote:


I am trying to locate any relatives of my father's father (my grandfather) or any information about him or his lineage.

His name was Horace Rhodes Nesbitt, of Molong, NSW Australia. I beleive his father's name was Thomas Nesbitt, married to Jane Cockram.

I am doing up a family tree and would be delighted to hear from any long lost rellies!



On Wednesday, 23-Mar-2011
Jean Skar - from Norway wrote:
Nisbet of Ladybank that i was asking about
some of the children immigrated to USA
On Wednesday, 16-Mar-2011
Ian G Nisbet - from Melbourne wrote:
Your great grandfather William was the son of Robert and Harriet(Steven) Nisbet of Mauchline, Ayrshire. William was born in Mauchline 16 April 1837 and married Jane McCall Rennie 16 July 1861. They had five sons and four daughters.


On Friday, 11-Mar-2011
Deb McKay - from St Andrews, Victoria wrote:
Re: Brian's message of May 2008. I, too, am a descendant of William Watson Nisbet. Son Of John Nisbet and Isobel Watson. William came to Australia with his parents and 2 brothers (James & Alexander) from Scotland. William then went on to marry Sarah Smith and produce 8 children: Elizabeth Wastson, James William, William Alexander, Alexander Thomas, Sarah Isabel, John Frank, Thomas Wilfred and Laura Gertrude (my grandmother).
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